Do you believe bio-weapons are still a threat?

November 8, 2010 12:00am CST
I often speculate that many countries have acquired, and are acquiring, secret military technology. It's not so far fetched when you really think/ research on it. It makes complete sense too. Why would you tell your enemies how to build the weapons that give you your edge? Money? Maybe. Mutual truce agreement tool? Probably. Anyways, the scariest weapons of mass destruction I have ever heard of are bio weapons. They cost a fraction of the price of nuclear weaponry, are totally anonymous, are far more precise/ accurate, can be customized to achieve a variable rainbow of effects, and ultimately, are a far more realistic choice. You could wipe out livestock, for example, starving entire communities (Cattle mutilations attributed to extra terrestrials actually US bio weapons testing? Just a theory.) You could cause chaos in heavily populated areas, bringing mobilization of quarantining efforts to a grinding halt. You could wipe out entire countries and leave their resources and tactical positions free of radiation and completely open to occupation. These are just the obvious ones too! Just look at what disease can do in it's natural form, now imagine what it could do in a man made form. Do you believe bio weapons are still a threat? Even though they were banned by the UN? Do you believe that your government is developing new and more effective ways of killing people? What will you do if people start getting REAL sick?
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