living with a younger man

November 8, 2010 3:58am CST
would you like to have a relationship with an younger man? would you care for what other people might say? for men: would you date an older woman than you (but not a small age difference like 1 year or 2...a difference of 10,20 years maybe
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• Philippines
9 Nov 10
I have tried, it wasn't a success basically because we had different priorities and goals in life. The age gap was 21 years.
• Romania
9 Nov 10
I guess it depends alot on the maturity of your partner, because matuity isn't necessarelly about age. you could find humans who at a really young age are mature. when there is such a big age diffreence the two adults think differently, have different priorities but you could find a way to make this relation work out if both of them are mature enoug and want to learn new things from one aonther
@gnomeland (421)
8 Nov 10
sure! i would love to have a toy boy (even for a short time!). don't tell my husband though! LOL
• Romania
8 Nov 10 the only guy that i loved was younger than me. it was a small differnce of 2 I wouldn't like to have a relationship with a guy younger than me.I'm 22 years old and to have a relationship with 10 years younger means that he should be 12 years old....definitely a big big NO NO NO