public speaking

November 8, 2010 11:42am CST
do you like to sustain your point of view in front of an auditory, or a project or stuff like that/? or does the crowd frighten you?
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@vjenkins86 (1478)
• United States
8 Nov 10
I can't stand talking in front of a crowd. I think it stems from when I was little; every time I opened my mouth, it seemed like people would either laugh at me or look at me strangely so I stopped talking in front of people for awhile. Now I open my mouth more often but I cringe at the thought of public speaking.
• Romania
8 Nov 10
i feel the same.i don't really like to speak to the crowd. but if it's a subject that i like I do my best to present my ideas and give good arguments soi that they would undersatnd my point of view. I think that if you know how to present your ideas you will get the people's atention and they won't laugh at you
• Mexico
8 Nov 10
Hi swiss heart: Honestly the crowd frighten me so basically when I have to talk in publi I prepared myself for hours to be totally sure of the things that i know and I try to be concentrated on the subjects that I want to explain to be coherent with them and I also try to be clear when I answer the questions from the public. Thanks for asking us this question. have a nice day. ALVARO
• Philippines
8 Nov 10
Public speaking is a form of communication that conveys your ideas and thoughts in a more general crowd with your ability to persuade and convince. In certain cases, some people experience what we call "stage fright" or fear of standing and delivering in front of a large crowd or audience. I am not used to public speaking engagements. I am not used to standing in front of an audience and give my own self expressed thoughts. That is why I prefer more of writing because I can freely expressed my feelings without my fear in crowd and I can straightly convey my ideas, thoughts and views behind a pen, typewriter or even a computer screen. Yes, most people I know say I have good command of English language and I may be a good speaker. But sorry to say, I have a personality of a "shy-type" girl and it always makes me nervous standing in front of the crowd. I do believe that I fit more to be a writer than a speaker.