Have you been in Bulgaria?

November 8, 2010 2:19pm CST
This is a very nice small country in southeast Europe.With a nice nature,very good sea and mountine resorts.What do you know about this place?I would like to see your comments.
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@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
8 Nov 10
i never been there but i watch on youtube about bulgaria, i really like to travel one day for bulgaria is a very interesting place to visit, with a lot of culture.
8 Nov 10
I am agree with you.It`s a very nice place for visiting.Some day if you have a chance to go there,do it,you won`t be sorry.... :)
@elena1969 (154)
6 Feb 11
SO what matters,whether it has nice nature,a beach mountain resorts and stuff like that.Our economy is the worst in europe .we BARELY have enough to feed ourselves,talk about a country,pathetic.I live here because i have a lot of friends,this is the only reason,i will soon go somewhere else
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
29 Nov 10
I traveled to Bulgaria in 2006. I flew to Bourgas and went to see several cities including Plodviv and Varna plus some villages there. I especially loved seeing a sound and light show over an old castle in the place that used to be the capital, Veiliko Turnovo. I liked seeing the picturesque Black Sea. I found that the language was challenging and misunderstandings were numerous. On my trip I also saw some places over the border in Romania.
@SHAMRACK (8447)
• India
24 Nov 10
Dear friend, I from India, my relative have been working in Brussels for last one year. She had shown me lots of videos and photos of Bulgaria, it was really nice to see those beautiful things. I hope to visit Bulgaria one day soon.
@nophie (2338)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 10
iam indonesian and never go to out from indonesia
@olgiana (242)
• Mexico
9 Nov 10
Well they became part of the EU recently and that boosted their economy little bit. The real estate on the coast was booming.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
8 Nov 10
No, I have not been to Bulgaria. I have been to a number of countries in Europe, and also in Asia ofcourse. I have not had the chance to visit Bulgaria. It is very interesting, and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit there some time in the near future.