Obama's Visit to India-Give and take?

November 8, 2010 4:14pm CST
Whenever an American president is scheduled to step into the holy land of India, speculations, analysis and lots of expectations form a part of routine of not just the country leaders and media circle, but also, the common Indian citizen. Discussions after discussions, debates after debates, talks after talks, analysis and after analysis follow at every step and stopover of the world's most powerful man, in India. This time around too, right since the start (or even before) of President Barack Obama's visit to India till the very end, if there's anything that'seen on the Indian televisions, is the analysis and paralysis of each and every word uttered by the President (doesn't matter where or in which mood, or tone, it's spoken). Although President praised about India, specially its middle class and the technological advancements made by our country over the past few years, and he also made everyone happy when he talked about helping India becoming the permanent member of the UN's security council, however, the moot issue still remains. What will we have to actually give Mr. Obama as the return gift behind his promise of 'considering' us worthy enough to be the part of security council? We all know, it's going to take a longggg process , years and years of wait to see the dream as the reality, but taking his words seriously fr a few seconds, should we trust him blindly? Should we then, do everything as the US says, in the hope of seeing this dream of becoming a permanent member of the UN security council? US still supports Pakistan, as Pakistan is their 'base' to carry out activities in Afghanistan...Is it acceptable to us? Though our dear PM, Mr. Manmohan singh today made a strong statement regarding pakistan that "talks and terror can't go hand in hand' but will he actually stick by his statements or become a blind follower of US in practice? Opinions and healthy debate welcome.
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