Chocolate experts needed!! Want to experiment with a healthy milk chocolate.

November 8, 2010 8:11pm CST
I recently heard that Dark Chocolate is healthy, and my mind just flooded with thoughts of how I can add chocolate into every part of my diet!! But then I realized.... I totally don't like dark chocolate! I'm still slightly immature in my taste buds, so haven't gotten into the hard-core dark connoisseur-circles yet. But I researched and found that milk chocolate is unhealthy because of all the additives that chocolate companies supplement the recipe with. "Maybe I can make milk chocolate myself..?" I thought, and now I'm here on mylot. Has anyone any experience..? I planned on melting down some 99% chocolate and adding in milk, some butter, and maybe cream mixed with sugar.... do people think that will work? Will it set again afterwards, because part of the magic is the below-body-temperature melting point of chocolate. Has anyone tried that before..? Does anyone want to try some when I'm done? =D
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@nia1023 (134)
23 Jul 12
I have not tried this yet but it might work. Hope it turned out well when you tried it and you'll continue creating chocolate. Who might know that you'll stumble on the next best chocolate. :)