Recipes for my one year old

November 8, 2010 11:22pm CST
I have a one year old daughter who is a fussy eater. Can you suggest some recipes that can keep her interested in food?
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@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
9 Nov 10
Babies in this age prefer finger food. cut boiled vegitables or fruits into small cubes and let to have them. youcan make normal traditiona foods like rice or noodles into finge food. The method of feeing will hepl to develope good eating habit. I hope this article may help you.
• India
10 Nov 10
Thanks for the reply and the article. Are you a paediatrician by profession?
• United States
9 Nov 10
Is your daughter exactly 1 or 15mo or 18 mo? (I could help you better if I knew her exact age is there's difference between a 12 mo old and an 18mo old). Because she may be just at finger foods like Cheerios & still on a bottle or ? What is she able to chew at this point is the first thing you need to ask yourself... Then make a list of what she will eat and build on it. And of the things she doesn't like is there anything similar about them? Many kids don't like the taste of things with certain textures or have difficulty swallowing or chewing. With a fussy eater it's truly trial and error. Like I said build on what they like. So say she likes strawberries... buy strawberry yogurt or add some diced strawberries to cottage cheese.
@alottodo (3061)
• Australia
9 Nov 10
Hi poomath 1 year olds can be difficult to feed some times...thank goodness I never had that problem with mine they always ate every thing!. Why not make a little platter? with a piece of hard boiled egg,some cheese, a few sticks of cucumber, a slice of tomato, may be some fine sliced chicken? if she eats meat? children at this stage like to explore with things they can see and taste so offering a variety on one plate may tempt her to try some.Children usually like noodles, may be offer her some minute noodles [ do not use the sachet] just cook the noodles in a home made broth [ chicken, or beef, or vegies] what ever you fancy, remember children like flavor as much as we do! try some fruit cut in small pieces [ a variety] and let her choose what she like.Children also like to eat what mum and dad are eating so try to introduce her to your food you may be surprise! also eating dinner with mum and dad [ when possible] may make the difference. I hope this help good luck with your little one.