Why does Youtube allow racist comments?

November 9, 2010 7:33am CST
If you want to know what people-at least many people-are REALLY like, visit Youtube. In real life-meaning 'offline'- many people-even if they're racist-will act outwardly polite. For example, if you're an African American and you ask a white guy for directions, even if he is a racist, he usually won't make any racist remarks to your face. But on Youtube, (as on the internet in general) people hide behind a screen name and make the most disgusting and cruel remarks you can think of. The lowest of the low comment on Youtube. Why does Youtube allow this?
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• Romania
9 Nov 10
It's not why they allow racist comments on youtube,it's why don't they do anything about it.The fact is ,think about it youtube has millions of useres that post comments every minute,what can they possibly do? They would need millions of employees to read all the comments and sort them.As you may have noticed every comment has a spam button , if you find it offensive or anything you can push it, and if I'm not wrong if that comment has a lot of spam votes it will dissapear. What I think they should do ,is that they should create a "smart" word filter that could determine if the word is or not offensive or racist in the context of the comment , but I don't see that coming really soon.
• Canada
10 Nov 10
Oh-don't ask me why i never noticed that spam button. I think i will start using it. Thanks for pointing it out. I could see that with so many users posting comments they could never control everything. But like you say, they could at least get a filter that would filter racist words. And i wouldn't mind if they would just not allow comments altogether. It is very rare that i ever see an intelligent comment on Youtube!
• Romania
11 Nov 10
Yes you are right, but without comments it would stop beeing a community. Plus I think that those few itnelligent comments matter, they make youtube what it is, a cummunity.
@clouds0327 (1390)
• Philippines
12 Nov 10
I am fond of watching you tube videos and yes I see a lot of rude comments. Well, for me If you dont want rude comments like that flooding your channel, then they should just disable the comment privilege.. I think there are just people that hates other race so much... well, there's nothing we can do with that.. But If I am going to upload a video and don't have comments like that i'll just take disable it that way no one can comment and I may decide which goes in and which does not.
• Canada
15 Nov 10
Right. And honestly, i don't think Youtube should have a comment feature altogether. What do we need the comments for? Either you like the video or you don't. Why do you have to know if other people liked it? That's my way of thinking.