Do you think our children relies on technology too much?

United States
November 9, 2010 3:16pm CST
After parents conferencing, my sister was told that according to statistics, many students had failed the math test in county midterm exams. And many of these students should need assistance immediately. One thing I noticed about these children is that they rely on those advanced calculator, or computer too much, to get their final answer. Shouldn't they learn those step by step, and problem solving procedure to know exactly what they are doing? I meant no wonder there were so many of them do even know how to add or subtract. They should reinforce this method to strictly limit our children rely on technology.
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@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
1 Sep 11
I firmly believe that our children depend too much on technology and are paying the price for it which is clearly understood from your discussion. The teachers as well as the parents need to make them change this bad habit. They must be taught that there is no short cut in learning and also in success in life. This lesson will help them to correct themselves.
@billzehua (573)
• China
10 Nov 10
We in China are forced to do the caculation using our own brain from Kindergarten, and generally speaking most Chinese students outrun American students in math work.So it might be a good measure to enforce into the schools right from the begaining level.I also heard Europeans are not quite agile in the caculation.In a way, we put our brain into rest for too long.
@asendud (318)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 10
i doesn't have a child. but i think yes. they will not think about solve their problem if they can get a simple way to solve their problem. that's why parent must controlling used technology to their child.
9 Nov 10
I think we all rely on technology too much nowadays. When i was young my parents didn't even have a computer in the house... now everyone seems to have at least one computer or laptop at home. Alot of kids have phones and music players aswell as video game systems, but they think its the end of the world if one isn't working because they can't think of anything to do. When i was young... i had board games and toys to play with and now theres all those electronic toys out, kids don't want the others anymore.