time machine

November 9, 2010 3:55pm CST
if you have a time machine,what time you will choice,firstly the past or the future and when exactly??my be your childhood,or the time of dinausores;) personnally,i dont know coz everytime a war exists and the principal subject is the money ,where can i escape or run away!!!may be you have another point of view
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• India
24 Mar 12
Yes i will go to the time of dinosours.i would really like to see the dinosours...
@asendud (318)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 10
i will choose the past and fix what a false have i done in the past. and i want go to my high junior school to meet some one.. i just want to see her. i hope some one has found the time machine and sell with low price
9 Nov 10
Well I'd go back to the time when they were making all that effort to build the stone henge, and ask them what the point of it was. =) But seriously, I'd probably go back to the time Adolf Hitler was a baby, kidnap him and give him to a better, more loving family. Hopefully, that would then result in our TV schedules would have A LOT less Holocaust documentaries on. Oh yeah, and of course not to mention, the smally issue of the millions of lives being saved. =D