for mommies ....what to do if your babies does not eat well?

November 10, 2010 12:12am CST
Hi mommies out there! I have a 9 mos old son and i have tried giving him solids(pureed food and cereal) since he was 6 mos and he kept on rejecting them especially those mushy cereal. He only likes bread and fruit especially banana and grapes. Few weeks ago, he ate mashed rice and vegetables (it really made me happy:) and he seems to like rice,not until this week. He just turn his head as far away from me as possible when he sees the rice. Has anyone experience this? What did you do to improve your babies appetite towards solid food? By the way, i am breastfeeding him until now and will continue to do so until he turns 1.
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@pastigger (618)
• United States
10 Nov 10
My daughter never ate the rice cereal she hated it. She always like the Gerber baby foods. She really liked all the fruit ones and her favorite veggie was the carrots and my least favorites she would always spit them at some point probably to see the color and carrots stain everything. I tried a few of the meat ones and she hated those. She really liked the Gerber puffs snacks they were great and they dissolve so they won't choke on them. She just kind of took off on the baby foods. As for solids I would just offer her soft things and just cut things up for her to try. She still is not a big meat eater at 3 years old. The green beans in the baby food got the funniest reaction she really didn't like them and it was written all over her face. Offer something a few times and if he doesn't want it then don't make a big deal about it just tell ok we will try some more later. He will eat but all kids are different and some just don't eat as much as others. My child was a great eater until about 2 years old and now she picks at things. But she was a preemie so I think for most of that she was just catching up with herself. They won't starve and if he is hungry he will eat. You do have to offer things many times sometimes before they will eat them. It is new to him and he just might be unsure of it for a while. No all kids will eat everything that is put in front of them some are picky from the start but just keep trying and don't stress over it as long as he is a healthy weight you are doing just fine.