Let's empty purgatory!

November 10, 2010 8:57am CST
Last November 2 was all soul's day and if I am not mistaken, the whole month of November is focused on helping the poor holy souls in purgatory. Here is what we can do to help: Always be in a state of grace. Never forget to confess any mortal sin in the Sacrament of reconciliation and be truly sorry for it. Do not do the sin again. Gain an indulgence, the best would be a plenary indulgence, there are many ways to gain a plenary indulgence and one of them is praying the rosary in front of the blessed Sacrament. Offer that rosary with the intention of freeing at least one or more soul in purgatory. Attend mass and receive communion worthily. This is also another way to gain a plenary indulgence. Pray unceasingly! Pray every chance you can, free time at work, in the bus(or Jeepney) wherever you can. Do works of charity(mercy). Donate to charity. Assist in any church work. Be there for your family. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. In other words, do anything GOOD. Offer up all your works and sufferings to God in union with the cross of our Lord. We can never really know how many souls are still there. But we are sure that they are suffering greatly! Let us empty purgatory so that these freed holy souls may also pray for us.
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