video editing software

@pschenck (100)
November 10, 2010 10:39am CST
Hi, I am wondering what the majority of people think the best software for video editing is. I've used a few programs, but each one has drawbacks. I want one that is user friendly, yet offers a lot of options for personalizing things (more than one or two tracks for video specifically) I also want one that is fast while you are working on it. One of the one's I've used you have to wait in between EVERY change you make before you can make another. It takes forever to get anything finished! Thanks.
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@kai9999 (1703)
• India
11 Nov 10
as far as i know there is no free editing software which as all the features we need. i use movie maker (windows movie maker) which i found it as teh best software available for free. if you are looking for paid software then microsoft studio encoder which is good for web publishing in high quality, it uses latest formats with h.264 coding which is rarely supported by video editing software.
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
10 Nov 10
Camtasia. Back when I was into making movies for Youtube, I found that to be the best software available for costumers. My movies looked very professional. Better still is Vegas PRO, however I would not classify that as being suitable for costumers. Big companies use Vegas pro for their video editing needs. The learning curve however is very steep on the other hand it gives you much more possibilities than camtasia has.