Fair skin

November 10, 2010 12:33pm CST
All most all Japanese people have a nice fair skin. Most of the Japanese people have very young body shape. Is there any kind of special food they take? What is the food culture the Japanese people follow for these kind of young secrets ?
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10 Nov 10
I'm half Japanese =) I don't really know why you're going for "fair skin" though, you should be happy with whatever skin shade you have =D Although if you're talking about the nice body shape as in healthy then I guess that's just from the genes and diet. The Japanese diet is quite healthy and only a fraction of what is spent in Japan is needed for health care than in the USA even though USA doesn't provide free health care. The Japanese diet usually contains rice in every meal and quite a lot of fish and noodles. But also in general, east asian people do have a petite body frame but that just comes from genes.