Do you believe people who love to travel are never saver?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
November 11, 2010 4:58am CST
The moment the tough schedule of our daily life just completely wants to devour us, we push the chair back and say relax 'no more work please'! And to wipe out the boredom of life travelling is a good change. But some say why travelling? It is expensive rather save the money for future need.I myself have saved money and have a good business running(touch wood). And I can show you many of my friends established and have good fortune despite they are extensive travelers! what do you think? we could have more money or turned owner of a company like Microsoft, if traveled less?
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@dodo19 (34306)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
12 Nov 10
I don't think that this is always the case. Some people travel a lot and don't save. But some people save their money in order to travel. My husband and I are both saving money, so that we will be able to travel and go on our honeymoon. We've been married a year, but between school, work, trying to find work, and such, it hasn't been easy. So, I don't think that all people who love to travel won't save.
@marguicha (106293)
• Chile
11 Nov 10
I save to travel. I live frugally during the year and then spend the money I save on lavish vacations. I have discovered that the word "future" is a myth. There is only the present and I like to live it. I would not want to be the owner of Microsoft although I would be happy if he gave me some of his money as a gift. Not too much, of course. I might start with wrong ideas about saving it for a rainy day. Happy posting!
@maximax8 (29018)
• United Kingdom
11 Nov 10
When I was a teenager and in my twenties it seemed cheap and easy to travel. I traveled to Greece with my mom when I was 14 years old. I payed for that with my paper round earnings. When I was 16 years old I got a Saturday job in a shop. I managed to save up for some more traveling. I went on a long weekend to Amsterdam with a friend when I was 17 years old. At age 18 years old I so much wished to travel around Europe by train so I got a job as a children's nanny in Finland. Then after it ended my wages had been enough for me to travel round European destinations. Then I got a job in a ship brokers so I had more money available for my traveling hobby. I traveled to Tunisia, St Lucia and France. Sadly t2o years later I was made redundant. So I let out my cottage, got a working holiday visa for Australia and bought an airline ticket to travel around the world. Off I traveled for more than one year and then I decided to try to become a teacher. I did my qualifications and then became a primary school teacher. Since then I have been able to afford to travel to lots and lots more places. This summer I took my disabled toddler son and baby daughter to Canada. Last year we traveled to Cape Town and the Garden Route. Since 2007 I think prices of long haul flights have gone way too expensive. These flights are challenging to afford these days.