What is Family quality time?

November 11, 2010 5:31am CST
A lot of people are spending time with their family but not in the way that they should. Why i say that? because when people say they spend time with family, they think by staying at home means it is already done. How do you say you are spending time with the family when your son is playing with his xbox, your wife is cooking at the kitchen and you are watching sports or reading newspaper all day long. This is not the quality time we want. Quality time means do something with your wife and sons, like playing board games together, riding a bike together. So how do you spend your quality time with your family?
4 responses
@pokumon (647)
• United States
15 Nov 10
I exercise with my dad on a stairwell. My brother and I watch things mostly TV shows together. We also eat together a lot. My mom and I will go shopping occasionally or go to the hairdresser.
• India
11 Nov 10
I am the elder son of my family.... And yeah.... whenever there is a holiday we all spend our time together.... If we go to a cinema on one day... then we would go to some park or temple or something on the other... Some days... we will just stay at home chatting and enjoying ourselves all the day long....
@lady1993 (20066)
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
I agree with you too. And sadly, sometimes I am one of the people who only stay at the house, but instead of bond with my family..I sleep, watch iv, ore play and use the computer. But we do go to church on Sundays together, then walk around and buy stuff- spend time with each other... And we also watch tv or movie together sometimes..
@gnomeland (421)
11 Nov 10
as long as family life is harmonoius then i think it is o.k to call all those things 'family time'. sometimes i sit and cuddle with my children as we watch a t.v film together. no one is saying very much but it is time together but i do know what you are saying. my family time (apart from sitting down all together at meals ) is to go and watch one son play football in his team.