what makes your self healthy?

November 11, 2010 6:32am CST
do you eat vegetables? Are you enjoying eating lean meats? are you satisfy when you some fish? every food is different because they already have different taste and texture.make sense on what of eating. Just share it to your love ones.
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• Philippines
11 Nov 10
Having a healthy lifestyle and self discipline of what you eat is good for us. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and fish is always important in our daily meal. About red meat, it is just good to eat them once a week. You can still have your protein intake by eating legumes and other veggies. Too much meat consumption is never good and healthy especially if your eating pork. My family and I don't eat pork, we only do eat chicken, beef and mutton. Pork meat is high in cholesterol and doctors would disapprove taking them especially if your of age. Drinking purified water and having enough sleep can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, of course this includes avoiding vices such as smoking and drinking l1quor.
@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
6 Jul 11
Makes yourself healthy. From the source i have ever read: - Exercise in the morning. - Eat regularly and eat nutritious food. - Drink milk before going to bed and after waking up. - Adequate rest. - Always thankful to God for Gifts. - etc..
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
12 Nov 10
I am not a vegetarian, but I very much like eating vegetables. Regarding meat, I avoid eating fatty meat. When I go to restaurants serving buffet, my plate would be full of vegetables. I also try to do physical exercise as regularly as I can. After I get back home from work, if it is still early enough and if the weather is favorable, I go out to the park near my house and do jogging for about an hour. That is very refreshing.
@marguicha (101852)
• Chile
11 Nov 10
I like to cook so my dishes always have many things. I use onion a lot, always a bit of garlic and veggies according to season. I love fish and seafood but I also cook red meats, pork, chicken and turkey. Legumes are starting to be a must for me at least once a week. I{m thinking of doing it twice a week as I feel better with them.
@hanni711 (243)
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
I do believe in a saying that "health is wealth". Even if you have alot of money and yet spend it on medicines. It makes no sense at all. When I was young I don't really like to eat vegetables and fish. But when I grow older and I have seen how my parents suffer from sickness due to hypertension and diabetis.I began to change my eating habits and I teach myself to eat vegetables and fish. It's better to have a healthy lifestyle.