Alan Hansen - a fair pundit?

@sjlskl (3384)
November 11, 2010 8:57am CST
Alan Hansen, the former Liverpool great, is working now as a football pundit. There are two incidents during last night matches which he is ranting about. First, Essien red card and Fabregas' tackle on Ward. Hansen is criticizing the referee for the Wolves-Arsenal game for not sending the Arsenal captain off. On the other hand, he is flip-flopping and argue that Essien should not have been sent off. In all fairness, I have not seen both tackles but from what I have read, both were dangerous stud showing tackle. What I can't understand is how could he argue that Fabregas should be red-carded and yet lamented that Essien should have stayed on the field. If one could remember, after Walcott's hat-trick against Blackpool, he was saying what a bad game the winger played and that he does not have a footballing brain. From his action, I can safely say that Hansen is prejudice against Arsenal. So the question is, as a professional football pundit, while he is entitled to his views, should he be neutral even if he hated the clubs.
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