where do you wanna be in 10 years ?

United States
November 11, 2010 4:14pm CST
where do you wanna be in 10 years? where do you wanna go? where do you wanna live?
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@piyush86 (75)
• India
12 Nov 10
good qun it is been asked many times in interviwes hope for my seld i will want to be in postion so that i have good amount of mony to spend as well as good family and a good life it doesnt amtter that hwer i m but if i have this thing then ie will be more then enoghf for me
• United States
11 Nov 10
Well, in ten years I'll be thirty. I hope to have finished my Master's by then and maybe be halfway through my Doctorate. I would like to have traveled quite a bit, whether for leisure or for work. I would love to live somewhere overseas. I am hoping by then I would have worked with the Peace Corps and done other missions. I would like to be in a stable, yet passionate relationship and have a job I really love.
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
In ten years i wanna be a human being living on earth, as what i am right now. How bout you?
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
10 years from now I wanted to spend the rest of my years working at home and be a fulltime housewife. I have spent most of my years working in the office and have proven that I could juggle my time between work and home although as I grew older, I noticed that it is becoming tiresome that I couldn't focus much on my little boy's education. Why a housewife? Because there are a number of books that are left unread. They say that it's a bore to be a housewife. Probably not me because am I homebody and I know I have a lot of things to work on and to do during free time - the books, my garden and the internet will surely entertain me. The disadvantage though of being a housewife is that I could no longer work in high heels and wear make up I guess. 10 years from now, I also see myself and my family harvesting most of the fruit trees we have planted in our small agricultural lot which is miles away from where we live. It would probably be a nice feeling to see the fruits of one's labor.
@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
11 Nov 10
Well, it's difficult to say where exactly we're all going to be. However, I can say that, in 10 years, I hope that my husband and I will be in a good financial situation, will be able kids, a home, to say a few things. Hopefully, this is where we will be in 10 years from now.