Was "The Muppet Show" the Last True Family Program?

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November 11, 2010 7:02pm CST
Why is it that when I watch old episodes of "The Muppet Show" on YouTube, I remember laughing at the same episodes when I was a kid. I laugh just as hard today. My kids also laugh as hard, and so do my friends and my kids friends. Why is it there are no other shows on TV like that anymore? Shows that appeal to the entire family and make EVERYONE laugh! Although this is not a hearkening back to the days of Mayberry, it does make me wonder what has happened to today's programs. Most everyone I know has given up on Prime Time television in favor of Discovery, TLC, History, etc. It is no wonder Univision, the Spanish broadcast company, has moved into he number 3 position behind ABC, CBS and NBC. They are in front of the WB just to put things into perspective. It shouldn't be that hard for the programming execs to figure it out. But for some reason it is....
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@thedaddym (1737)
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14 Nov 10
Yeah, It is pretty sad when the highest ranking family show is Three and a Half men, especially when one of the characters has almost no morals what so ever. It is a shame that there is nothing totally clean that families can sit and watch together. There is the Simpsons which our whole family likes but sometimes they cross the line on that show too. It is truly sad there is no family TV available unless perhaps you watch the Disney Channel or Nickelodean.
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15 Nov 10
I agree with you about the Simpsons. About the only "family cartoon" we watch is King of the Hill. Sadly, Disney has some weird moments, and sometimes their picks are a bit askew. Not so much for content, but it is the little, mostly "unsaid" things that bother me. Nickelodian's saving grace is they offer "Nick at Night" and it really does surprise me that many of the same shows I grew up watching, my 12 year old enjoys too. I must admit though I sometimes wonder why I thought some things were so cool, as they now appear so lame, but I can rest assured that in the end the message will be positive, and the life lessons taught will be the ones i would teach as well.