hard way to earn from a site which pays $3 per 1000 visitors?????

@kai9999 (1703)
November 11, 2010 7:16pm CST
recently i was searching and using it for a while and they had good customer service too, but the hard part to believe is they pay you $3 and more for 1000 unique visitor. that far greater than donkeymails and fushion mails. i have been using their service and found out that it the fair rate to pay.....reasons: -you can't promote it in all the site as no traffic exchange site would accept its program unlike donkeymails. -there is only best way to promote it is by having a blog and using there slide banner. -won't pay for all country only to western countries and few parts of europe, were donkey mails pay for all country visitors. -takes lot of time to load -no real time statics overall, i have paid only few cents in the site. i haven't came across any traffic exchange site which is going to accepts its ptp link. now you will come to know why say it is hard to earn from this site. if any one interested you can check my profile,but don't say no one as warned you about the hard way to promote. there aim is not to provide best service for ptp, but only to blogging. so if you have a starter blog and want to earn some bucks you can use there service.
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