Men Get a Bad Deal

@keljad (69)
November 18, 2006 7:21am CST
Recently I heard a story of a man whom was married and had three children and divorced only to pay child support for the kids for 7 years and then found out two werent his. The court ruled that the woman didnt have to pay back the child support because he never asked if she cheated . I think it is unfair the way the child support system is structured. It should be that you have 50/50 custody and no money exchanging hands you pay when they are with you and for big things you contribute evenly. I think alot of dads take off because they have to pay so much child support, more than if they were together so they get second and third jobs to pay for living expenses then because they are earning more the rate goes up. So they stop and go on the dole because then they can afford to live.
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