Why do we have lots of nurses?

@arielbsn (199)
November 12, 2010 9:34am CST
Nurses has been in-demand in the U.S and other countries. Even Doctors and other professionals preferred to go abroad not being doctors but they chose to be nurses due to in-demand of nurses because their wages paid multiple of what they could earn here,but our hospitals here in the Philippines are lacking of nurses and yet we have lots of nurses here who are unemployed because they find it difficult to apply for job, public hospitals here cannot accommodate them due to lack of funds so most nurses here tend to go abroad after they passed the board and work here as volunteer nurses just to gain experience so they can work abroad, otherwise they work in call centers to have enough money so they can pay for exams to get certified. Do you think nurses here nowadays choose their profession just for money and not because they like their profession?
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@TheAdvocate (2395)
• Philippines
13 Nov 10
Most of them choose nursing as a career so that they can go abroad. I think that a lot of our people are so poor and see no chance of getting out of poverty except to go abroad that they choose careers that they know is in demand in first world countries. As health is always a top priority, being a nurse is the fastest way to go abroad.
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• United States
12 Nov 10
In use there is such a demand cause there is such a big turn around, not all that get the degree stay or like it so they quit, or they get different jobs in offices.
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@kisstin (93)
• Philippines
13 May 11
nurses are like open doors to many opportunities to other country its like a proffesional nanny something.lol west preffer them than not educated at all... :I one of my friend just attend 2nd year so that he can have high profile when applying nanny to the west
@Danzylop (1120)
• Philippines
17 Mar 11
People has their own right to choose the field the want to conquer. regardless if its for their passion or for economic preferences. The matter is that, aside from the low lvl of income for nurses here in the Philippines there is also a limited absorption capacity to accommodate new nurses in government hospitals due to lack of funds. It is noted that health care services in the Philippines is deteriorating due to the rapid increase of patients that are confined in hospitals. Just imagine, in one room in a government hospital, you can see 5-6 patients. plus, the unacceptable sanitary conditions,. I apolligize if I got so free in giving opinions in your thread but these are the truth. Why do we have lots of nurses(unemployed)? We actually need them but the money supposed to be for health care has been stolen, from the lowest rank up to the President, imagine how much money is gone each year.
@oligel (130)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
due to the demand of nurses in abroad especially U.S, high school graduates and even professionals chooose nursing as their course, it is not because they like it but because some parents chosen it. professionals and even doctors also took nursing because they also want to go abroad and it is easy for them to go abroad because they only need to passed nclex. the bad news is, when doctors took nursing and go to abroad to be nurse, we are losing professionals in our country. we are losing doctors that should be in the country to served the people, but for them they are earning more money for their family. what is important today, is it the money or the profession? If you were to asked will you take Nursing as your profession considering that there are so many nursing graduates that are unemployed?