cat is not using litter box

@nimwia (29)
United States
November 12, 2010 11:52am CST
I have a large black cat and he is peeing by the front door and doing his doody on the kithen, living room or just right outside of the cat box. I have another cat she goes out side, he does not. i got another box hoping he will take to that one but no. it started a few years ago when my mother was here and passed away. i think he has an attitude problem and needs therapy. any ideas would be great. i am thinking of taking him to the spca. i dont know how much more i han handle. his is about 6 yrs old.
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@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
15 Nov 10
it happens to my 4 cats, very rare but it happened, i think i didn't clean right but other thing i did was i gave it time, for 3 or 5 days i had to clean where he actually decided to drop his smelly bussiness, but then out of nowhere he started to use again
• United States
13 Nov 10
Keeping the litter box clean is important. A male cats need neutered. I have had trouble with male cats in the past . I have a neutered one now that is about the age of yours and he is very loving and he always uses his box, I have a box upstairs and down stairs. Everyone has given you very useful and good information if none of them work, you are fighting a loosing battle.
@apples99 (6564)
• United States
12 Nov 10
Is he neutered? well if he isent get that done because sometimes cats do there business out side the letter box to mark there territory or to signal female cats for mating. Also its posible that your cat never fully learned to use a litter box, and he may need a little coxing I had a female cat years ago that didnt understand where she was supposed to use the toilet, I had to teach her how by re-training her how. its not impossible but it dose require a bit of effort on your part, meaning you'll have to keep in eye on him and watch for nervous or exited behavior in your cat this will tell you when they have to go to the toilet, when your cat shows you he has to go quickly place him in the litter box do that every time he has to go and eventually your cat will understand but also make sure that his litter box is clean because some cats won't use there litter box even if its only slightly dirty, well I hope this info helps.
• Canada
12 Nov 10
My cousin is dealing with a similar situation. I would like to give you the following tips that she is doing, if you are already doing them, then disregard. Make sure you are cleaning the mess out of the box VERY well. Use vinegar on the spot after it is cleaned, and scrub again with that and maybe a little baking soda. This will remove most of the scent so the cat has less of a chance of returning to that spot again to do their business. It can be a urinary tract infection. Make sure to visit your vet and if this is the case, get the medications and if that was the problem with your cat, your problem will be solved. Is your cat fixed? Sometimes unfixed cats can be territorial and want to mark their territory. If your cat is not fixed, look for a discount spay/neuter clinic in your area. They usually perform the surgery for very cheap. Pet stores sell a scented plug-in that releases some sort of chemical that is supposed to help your cat use the litter box. This may be an idea to try. Hope you find something helpful.