Sending internet addicts to boot camps for rehabilitation

@Azaerus (821)
November 12, 2010 11:46pm CST
I have read an article regarding China having problems with internet adicts. The article mentioned three cases which forced the governemnt of China to react immediately and forcefully. In the first case, a teenager butchered to death his father because of an argument regarding the hours of internet use. The second case was about two teenagers who were killed by a train because they fell asleep at a rail after playing an online game for about 24 hours straight. The next case was really insane, it was about a teenager who jumped off a building after he played World of Warcraft for 36 hours straight, the mentioned reason was that he was hoping to be with the gods and heroes of the game. Because of these incidents, the government of China banned teenagers from internet cafes. They have also stopped issuing licences for new internet cafes, especially those ones which are open 24 hours. For the same reason, boot camps were immediately built. They established such boot camps for rehabilitation purposes. Everybody thought that these boot camps would solve their problem and help teenagers deal with their internet problems. However, there was a problem with these camps, the rehabilitation that they promised were too tough it was very close to a miltary training. The trainers of these camps were too tough and rude to the teenagers. In one case, a 13 year old teenager was killed because he was struck by a chair in the head by his trainer. Death toll involving such boot camps have risen eversince. The boot camps were immediately shut down, all the people who were responsible for the death of the teenagers were immediately sentenced. Now heres my question, everybody knows that technology is fast growing and nobody can stop it. If you have the power to control such addictions, how would you handle it without hurting anybody?
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