right or wrong?

November 13, 2010 12:20am CST
A friend of mine wants to live the life to fullest. He is married , but he doesnot have any regard for his wife. He doesnot troubles his wife but he remains like a stranger to his wife. His wife also doesnot consider this character of him as an big issue. My friend also performes role of a husband only in the form of money. He gives money to his family more than needed. But he remains as a bachelour to his mind in all other aspects. Is this form of enjoying life to the fullest even after the marriage is right or wrong? But the point to be noted is that he does not harm his wife in any way. How can we consider this character?
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• India
13 Nov 10
Hello, We should always enjoy our life to the fullest. Even marriage shouldn't change that. But there is a question however, that pokes me here. The idea of enjoying life is different in different individuals. Everyone has his own philosophy of life. This philosophies are always in conflict with each other. No two persons have the same idea about 'right' or 'wrong'. If he is into some extra marital affairs then he is doing injustice to himself as well as to all who're related to him. In such a case this man can't be regarded as a responsible person. He is with the concept that he can do anything with money. So he is just purchasing his freedom by giving sufficient money to his family. I think he needs help and counsel because he is having a very distorted idea about life and freedom. Thanks. God bless you.
• Philippines
2 Dec 10
Hi, Very well said getbiswa.
• China
13 Nov 10
I think everyone has his/her own understanding of "live the life to fullest".Life is short, so your frined's desire of enjoying it as possible as he can is to some extent reasonable. But, he only keep the financial responsibility of his family. He does not realise that how much happiness he would miss if he goes on just like a bachelour. Because when he is enjoying the feel of being free, he may never know the happiness of being with his wife, rising up a lovely child of his own, treasuring the harmony of a family....... At last, he may change his piont of what is the most precious happiness of life.