What do you want a lover or love one ?

November 13, 2010 8:59am CST
Do you find your love one or only lover ?
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• Indonesia
13 Nov 10
I think it depended on what you want and focus on, if you prefer for long term relationship, such as u wuld like to get marry with someone, you need to find a really best lover in yourlife haha...lol :D
16 Nov 10
ok thank's
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
13 Nov 10
Maybe it's just me, and I am sure it is just me but. What's the difference? Yes really, it's me. Probably my brains needing a little refreshing bang on the table.
16 Nov 10
thank's to ur comment
• Thailand
19 Nov 10
I find my love person and then make her love me. So that we love each other. That's always great thing. A lot of people said that It better to get married with a person who love us. So they can care me better than the person we love. what do you think about that?
18 Nov 10
It is depends on their views and expectation. And i find my Miss.Perfect. To whom i love so much.