Relationships: When Do One Know When Most Of Our Relationships Are Stifling

Bayonne, New Jersey
November 13, 2010 9:47am CST
We are born into families and communities, religions, and citizens of a nation, and these are a given at birth. Unless there are unusual circumstance to that particular of your birth situation, one remains within those confines, throught out ones life. As we grow from infants to young children one may experience the "Good, Bad, and The Ungly" of the gift of life, and depending on which is more prevalent, and our reactions to those experiences we develop a unique character, that reflects our past, and it is that character that helps to obtain more of the same, unless, if the need and desire exist, for change of course, of what we have in the present "Now." Even if the desire is there for a change of course, this may not be possible, if the same remains part of ones life. Pessimistic comments to personall ideas expressed, to uplift oneself, are met with negativity of one source or another. These negative comments can and will hold one down, in ones present state, if one allow those comments to rule ones actions. It's hard for one who has grown accustom, and attached to family members, friends, and associations, to remove oneself from these, after all removing these from ones life leaves one isolated and detached from the base of ones birth situation; our identity! Sometimes one may have grown up with enough intimidation that deep within the subconscious a trigger goes off that actually controls ones thoughts and actions, every time one takes a conscious step to remove from the status quo. If the perpetrator is still part of ones life, the trigger to end ones adventure to a better life will come from a stern warning given by that perpetrator. This is the worse offender of ones progression into a more fulfilling and productive life. The perpetrator of this original intimidation, in ones life, was a "CONTROL FREAK" with a "LOW SELF ESTEEM", and a "PREDATOR" seeking and obtaining undue importance on the victim's "back, and another becomes their victim; Are you a victim of this sought? Most of the time the person is a "SOCIAL PSYCHO PATH" and if the victim waits for an apology, I am here to inform you that, that may never occur. One must be able to accept that, and move forward, for ones own good. Unfortunately those who find themselves in unfilfinlling lives, and are unable to change those events that occur over, and over again, that keeps one "down and out", most probably experienced a damaging childhood. The wonders of a blessed childhood where stolen by the "Cycle of Violence" that exist among humanity. One, as an adult, has become "Damaged Goods". One, is a person with "Monkeys on your back". You are a person with "Excess luggage". the Greeks call you "Complexed." I call it "A person with unresolved issues." Such a person may enter great opportunities to be developed throught the course of ones life, but because of the many unresolved issues, up in ones head, those opportunities disolve into bad experiences, or evaporate through our ingnorance to ignore them. The years go by, and before one know it, one is in "Middle Age" with a waning energy level, bonded to the present status quo by responsibilities one has assumed, one way or another. One expresses ones frucstratin, mainly in a passive agressive manner, and if one des not take the necessary independent steps, that may be criticised qnd questioned by those around us, one will live out the few twenty (20) or so years left to ones life in pure misery, most of that time. An early death awaits you, for that pain will translate to a dagger, pierced into your heart. One that can relate to what has just been read; This is the time to know that most of your relationships are...most probably stifling! (Gynnie Ann De Jesus, is fifty-one years old, born and raised in New York City, USA, now residing in Hudson County, New Jersey. She writes on what she has experienced, in hopes that, even if one person can benefit from her experiences, and therefore life becomes better, with more productive experiences, and within a loving and encouraging environment, she will be accomplished!
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@sender621 (14956)
• United States
13 Nov 10
Some relationships are easier for us to connect with than others. Relationships we are born or obligated to can be more of a struggle. there is more responsibility to connect with each other there. choosing relationships of the heart can be demanding on us as well. sometimes we don't choose wisely and regret the relationships. No relationships should be considered unorthy. We just have to know what we expect to take from the experience.
• Bayonne, New Jersey
13 Nov 10
Thank you for your response!