Is Neobux use script's to slow down our earning's ???

@Hliasvl (142)
Slovak Republic
November 13, 2010 12:40pm CST
hehehehe... I know that I will make many "enemies" now because I know that neobux is one of the most preferred PTC site in the world. BUT... why i start this discussion. Some days ago in a chat room I was start to talk about PTC sites and a member there was (is) a coder for PTC sites. He told us that there is no one PTC site that they don't use scripts to slow down the earnings because if they pay for all the clicks that they get, this site will bankrupt in a few days. Explain us also some more tips about those scripts and I get suspicious for our best PTC site (neobux) were I'm also a member. One of the tips was like that. Lets say that you have 10 referrals that their rented period ends in 10 days. You can see that 2 or 3 of them will not click till the last 2 days. Of-course the most of the users (clickers) will renew those "lazy" referrals but another 2 or three will stop to click. Another tip was like that. You have some referrals and their rented period ends in 10 days. The 5-fth day before their renew you don't have enough money for renew all of them and looks like you will lost some of your referrals but the last 2 days, there were almost nobody is clicking in profitable way till now, suddenly the most of them start clicking !!!! I was try to see those tips in my neobux account and I find that there is some true in the words of this coder that speak to us. What is your thinking about ?
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