How to be a good single mom?

November 13, 2010 8:54pm CST
Hello friends...being a single mom is not easy. And single moms are now rising, because of some reasons like imperfect relationships with their partners. Raising a child alone is a very challenging role, when you know later on in his life he or she will going to ask you, where her/his dad? and why are they separated? Financially, it can also make a hard way. So to be a good single mom... can you give me some ways so it can help a lot of sngle moms there who needs to be a good or better mom...
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• United States
14 Nov 10
Oh yes being a single mother is certainly a huge task indeed, this I know as I have been one to two beautiful kids of which I have raised completely on my own. Not having parents myself made it even more difficult as I had to rely on always paying personal and private schooling. My advice is to always remain focused on your objectives of raising your child. Be consistent, which means no from day one means no, not maybe or later. No matter how much it hurts that no has to be a definite know. I tell you this as I have been a parent since I was 15. I am still a young mom but can tell you that I have raised two wonderful kids, of which both graduated college this year. So good luck to you and I really wish you great success, although remember you will make mistakes, and that is okay as we as parents do not come with manuals. Just keep trying and you too can have the wonderful relationship I have with my two kids. A warm welcome to you on myLot.
@susanana (126)
• Philippines
14 Nov 10
you inspire me hardworkinggurl! you really are hard working! please give your self a pat on the back for me. I pray that you'll be showered with more blessings. thanks for sharing your thoughts!
@buddhis (58)
• China
14 Nov 10
it will be a hard time for you to raise you child on your own. because you need act as both the mother and father. well, i think the child from a single family needs more care and love. and most importantly is to help them establish their confidence.