what to do with my father

November 13, 2010 10:47pm CST
My father is a government servant. No one in my family is in business background. I am only son to my parents. Now the probelm is that I want to start my own business. So as a result i have applied to loans. But my father is strictly advising me and comples me not to take loan. But i have tried to convinence him that without taking loan , business cannot be done in these days. But my father is not allowing me to take loans. As a result iam unable to proceed with my business. What to do now, can i come out of my parents house to start my busines, but if i do that they will be lonely, since iam only son to my parents.
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
14 Feb 11
convnce him more detail and tell without loan, your business can not go forward.. you must explain with more accurate and economic calculations maybe
• China
16 Nov 10
I support you to start your business,though you can't always live with your parents!It'a good opportunity to start fresh!Being a filial doesn't mean live with your parent,it means you should take care about them which has many wanys,like make them take a pride in you!You have make your first step at mylot,so why don't you make a further step!Just moving on! Good luck!
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
15 Nov 10
Can you from the money from your parents, or other relatives to start a business, since your father won't allow you to take out a loan. Or if you can use your credit cards as a financial source to start it? I don't see any other way to start a business without borrowing money though, unless you have a big chunk of saving yourself.
@cicisnana (775)
• United States
14 Nov 10
I would just tell your father that you love him but you have only 2 choices, you can apply for your loan with his blessings, or you will have to move out so that you can apply..it can be his choice.
@diana82 (56)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 10
pleace for you build you businis with little loan n hard work.
@georgiax (23)
• Brazil
14 Nov 10
Hello! I know it is really hard to wait until we have all the necessary to make a dream come true. But I understand your father when he says no to a loan. Depending on how is economy in India it would not be the best choice. In Brazil, for example, starting business can be a really pain in the neck, because of all the taxes and burocracy. It would be really risky here to take a loan and start a business if you do not have a family background. Maybe earning money with some other activity and investing it in could be a way. I know you do not want to disrespect your parents nor leave them. I live the same dilema here...I am an only child. And I admire your determination, but maybe your father's experience should be considered. My best wishes and namasté!
@gerry101 (230)
• Philippines
14 Nov 10
Keep it secret then. Don't tell them that you will get a loan so you can start a business. You have made a right decision to start a business. You don't have to leave home.
• United States
14 Nov 10
This has to be tough to want to be independent but still have the love and support of your parents. I have to say that ultimately it is your decision, try and continue to persuade your father that this is what you want to do. He will continue to be reluctant so you have to go to him with the facts as to why you want to do this. So that means you have to go to him with absolute proof as to why you feel this is right for you. Unfortunately you may have to either do it although he will be upset, or you may have to give up your dream to satisfy your father. I feel you are in a difficult situation as I understand the love you have for him. Good luck and I wish you could honestly get both.