A Cat Was Killed.

November 13, 2010 11:31pm CST
In our life ,tiny animals may be so small that their death may be neglible for us .Last night ,when I returned from the bookstore near my community,I found many people were round a dying cat ,who had a deep wound in his neck.From the discussion ,I got that the had crahed into a moving car ,and got hurt fataly,which had got the driver angry and a little feared .He had got out of his car with a knife ,and inserted his knife into the pitiful animal,just to prevent from payment .During the discussion ,the cat died ,leaving his body getting cold on the ground .People left for they were so tired. Guys ,have you ever met with such "small"affairs .How do you feel about it?
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• India
15 Nov 10
its really bad. once a dog sat inside my parked car. i did not know it and i started car moving. the poor animal was crushed under the hind wheel. i felt very bad of this unpleasant situation but cant help it. i decided that now on wards first i will look under my car before starting it.
• India
15 Nov 10
God please help me to get rid of this guilty feeling.
@lady1993 (18609)
• Philippines
23 Dec 10
I've seen a couple of cats and dogs, even rats that were hit by cars.. It's so sad that because they're just so little that people/drivers don't really care that much if they hit them and just go on. So, they're just flattened on the road until they rot.