silent valley : the national park

November 14, 2010 5:43am CST
I have gone to less areas of Kerala , but never had a experienced journey until , i have gone to silent valley. It is the most beautiful journey i had when compared to palakkad . silent valley is one of the national park of India.It is located in the nilgiri hills of palakkad. I wonder why , many projects regarding the hydroelectric plant is coming forward to the park. If any of these plant become passed , then the park will be extinct forever. why should this place is suited , why they cant choose another place.In the place ,many unseen plants and animals are there.when i started my journey , i had trouble with the insects called leeches , my most time was wasted in looking when i get bite. Hence so far , quite no other problems was there. when i entered deep into the forest , the beautiful areas or sceneries was very much attracting , what to say : can't take our eyes from watching them. I say it would be better to go to such places rather than to amusement parks. The mountains and hills was so fascinating that you would die to watch these scenes. There are many hills surrounding each other.The beauty of the national park can't be expressed within my should go there and watch , then only you can enjoy,but please take some remedies before going to the park.
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