What is happiness for you at the moment?

November 14, 2010 12:24pm CST
We probably thought of ourselves being overly joyous and happy granting we have all the things we wanted in life. These things may include wealth, career, family, etc. Depending on individual's preferences, happiness may vary. Thus, happiness level is dependent on the accomplishment of those preferences. Looking at the how the world goes on now. Probably nearly 90% of the world population may opt for material things as source of their happiness. Clearly, with the poverty the people have been going through, we can only dream of enjoying those lavish lifestyle. Things we can only have in our dreams. But looking at those wealthy people. They too are in seach for happiness. They are in pursuit of happiness if I may borrow the title of one of the best movies I have seen. Does that mean that wealth alone would not bring that most sought happiness that we always been looking for? Or do you think if you have wealth you can manage the other aspect of life such that happiness will be achieved with wealth alone? Is it a means to end or an end itself? Please post your comments and will be glad to know how does the world view happiness now. Thanks!
2 responses
• Portugal
16 Nov 10
for me happiness would be have a sweet bf that loved me very much^^ i dont care about money. i know that i need it to survive thats only the reason why i need it. just to live. and to buy sweet things sometimes. but right now the only thing i needed was travel to other country. and have a different life. meet new people and be happy there^^ i feel that in that place i will be happier than in my country. so that would be happiness. also my ex bf lives there^^
• Philippines
14 Nov 10
Wealth can be the end itself. Depends on the person. If I had the money I'll probably use it to fulfill my dreams first then my family. If I still have more then I'll share it with everyone not by giving them raw money but by starting something that can improve the society like a public job hiring for the jobless and those children roaming senseless across the streets. I know some of them really want to take care of their family but they just don't know how and they don't have the resources to do so. I'll be their stepping stone into improving their lives. --Wow, I kinda blacked out there for a second. What was I saying?