Can a registered blind...

November 14, 2010 6:19pm CST
Can cooks be blind in both eyes and still cook? Just want to sample your opinion, please folks.
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@louievill (20365)
• Philippines
18 Nov 10
oh man, that's a difficult one lol, of course any blind on both eyes can cook, they can cook and cook and cook as they please, that is their right and every handicaped person has rights guaranteed by most countries constitution but that's just one part of the question, we will know they passed depending on how many people will actually like and eat what they produce. Another thing the fire department and burn unit should always be on standby.
@calpro (933)
• India
15 Nov 10
Hi, It is an interesting question,I think it is really impossible for them to do it perfect.But If they practice in a kitchen for few days and know what is where in the kitchen etc,they can handle it. May not all kinds of dishes but basic cooking can be performed by them if they practice it in their own kitchen and know which tin is where and what is in it. Good question for thought process.
• United States
15 Nov 10
I believe they can as they have senses stronger than the regular seeing person. By this I mean their taste and smell levels are higher than the rest. We have one fellow myLotter who is absolutely completely blind and he myLots daily and serves his community with handicap and all.
@tylerlou (67)
• United States
15 Nov 10
I think that they can try to cook but ultimately they would fail because they wouldn't know what ingredients there using.