Why do we use mylot?

United Arab Emirates
November 15, 2010 10:53am CST
Hey everyone...I've been using mylot from 3 days and everyday my time with mylot is increasing. I don't know either its an affection or greed to make money. Well I belive its both. This community is very informative too. So tell me guys why do you use mylot?
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• United States
15 Nov 10
Well I really need to pay a few things off so this isn't the only site I'm on...the fact that this site helps me get answers for questions I have that I really want to know to know the answer to is really awesome...friendly people so far...and making a money here is a plus! :)
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• United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 10
Besides information, mylot also has such posts which give solution to many problems...If you search on the internet about something like making money, life, love etc then you will find something valuable from mylot. I once searched about triond income, and what I got is the first result from mylot!
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
19 Nov 10
I'm here because of the money. I'm tempted by the money in here and my referral spend alot of time in convincing me to join mylot. AFter i'm here, i find it a great place until recentlty some of my friends here really annoyed me. I will be starting a post on them, and i believe many mylotters share the same sentiment as well too.
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• United States
26 Nov 10
I use MyLot to make money. and I like to help people and learn new things so I found the site to be very useful.
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
24 Nov 10
The reason I come to mylot is for learning different things from others, and I have done that, and it far surpasses any earnings that I have made or will continue to make. When I first joined mylot, I came here just for the money, but little did I realize that I could really learn, as the money was the most important thing to me. I know realize that it isn't, as it isn't all that much anyway, as it ju just a nice bonus. I had looked for a long time for ways to make money, and when I found myulot buy searching, I just didn't know what to think, but I did reviews on it, and it was then that I realized it is free and legit. I have never ever regretted joining here that is for sure. I hope to be here for a very long time. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.