Website Wow Factors

November 15, 2010 1:04pm CST
I'm a web designer but I get very little business. Somebody who claimed to know a lot about web site designing (but I'm not convinced he does) recently said that he thought me design skills were "old and weak" but didn't give any objective comments about what the problem was. As I'm a web designer, I can't have a website that looks normal or like it was made from a downloaded template (or can I?). I want a site (or least a home page) that has something the visitor will find impressive and will have seldom, if ever, seen before. The trouble is that cutting edge stuff tends to backfire because browsers may not be able to support it. My speciality is SVG but it's still not natively supported by Internet Explorer so it's problematic putting it on the home page (I really need to warn people about what software they need). What will really impress people? What's likely to look really bad or malfunction?
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@Danuska (190)
• India
22 Apr 11
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• Canada
26 Apr 11
I would suggest this is not a site for a website designer to use. I need something that doesn't look as if it's off the shelf.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
15 Nov 10
I would say it really depends on the site. It is not the same for all sites, it needs to be really suitable for the site in question. So if a design seems to be really made for that specific site, instead of just being used on a bunch of them, I would say the design is good. And good navigation is really important! I also hate sites with sound, so always stay clear of that, and anything that blinks!