Have you ever had romantic feelings for a friend's lover?

November 15, 2010 1:30pm CST
This can be a friend's boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. When I was younger, my friend had a girlfriend and I became infatuated with her almost immediately. I was just young and full of hormones, but at the time, I seriously thought I loved this girl, and for all intensive purposes I did! I would hang out with them all the time, and found out that her and I had much in common but still, she was my buddy's girlfriend, so I just let it go. We ended up together years later but it was a short lived, sorry excuse for a relationship. So, Have you ever coveted thy neighbor's lover? What did you do?
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@sender621 (14956)
• United States
15 Nov 10
Thankfully, i have never had to be in the position to have romantic feelings for a friend's lover. It would certainly be an akward situation and put a strain on the relationship between friends. i hope i never have to find myself in such a place. I would like my romantic feelings to go to someone unattached.
15 Nov 10
Oh god! Awkward is an understatement! lol I hope you never have to be in that position too. The thing that sucks worse of all, is the fact that she was not a good catch.
16 Nov 10
yes..! I've experienced this matter twice first 9th std & next in college life, but effected one is the college life's incident. more or less i fall in love with one of my best friend's lover. but after sometime when i get back my real love i faced a misunderstanding & i feel it what ever I'm doing is wrong & i step back from it.. :)
16 Nov 10
Yes dud. Reality is very much tough. Face it. I think your continuous relation ship effected about that incident. So, think before do anything. It will help you to take decision.
16 Nov 10
In few days ago. My friend tell me to help him for creating a relationship. He loved a girl. But in this time their relationship is turned bad. I did friendship with her. After few days, she always touched with me and i have feelings about her. But, then i think that is very bad. So, i quit it. And help them for patch-up.
@hushi22 (4940)
16 Nov 10
ohhh....i have never experienced this. i hope i wont...