Speaking of christmas, which person first pops to your mind - Jesus or Santa?

November 16, 2010 9:52am CST
I was writing an article when I realized that both Santa Claus and Jesus Christ who are both associated with Christmas came to represent different avenues of thinking in this modern age. Do you think that Santa is overshadowing Christ in his birthday? Or both icons are already lost and not relevant in today's modern world?
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• Philippines
17 Nov 10
Whenever i hear christmas, i think of jesus christ. He's real and santa isn't. It's better to believe someone who's real than someone created by one's imagination.
@Diddaka (90)
16 Nov 10
I don`t know.May be first for me is Jesus Christ,but that don`t makes him more popular than Santa Claus.I think this is a age question.For little children is normal first to pops their mind Santa(because he gives them presents).But for me and every grow man is normal Jesus Christ.Christams is his birthday.There is a lot of ways to discussed this question.
• Philippines
16 Nov 10
A very good question. My answer: neither of the above. What first comes to mind when I think of Christmas are gifts and shopping. I guess there's already too much consumerism in this world, and the real meaning of Christmas, I guess, is now forgotten. Sad but true.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
16 Nov 10
Since christmas is the birth of Jesus, he should come first to our minds. Unfortunately, this isn;t always the case,. christmas has become so commercialized that many people relate more with Santa at Christmas.