paid to click is really true!

November 16, 2010 10:18am CST
paid to click is the online business that you earn using your computer and also while you are in your hose. this is also called e-commerce. some of the people they dont know the paid to click and also says if this is true or not. sometimes if i get a referrals it have the question to me if this is true. and i say that yes this is true and i receive a true money with this paid to click. how about you? do you experience like the people did not believe to ptc sites?
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6 Dec 10
i have been doing this for years and these are the ones that pay.
@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
16 Nov 10
Yes they are true, but then again, others aren't. I am a member of about 20 or so, and I am enjoying doing them. Now, some of them I haven't been with to long, so I haven't reached paout on all of them yet,but tut there are others that have paid me several times, and that makes me happy too. It is just so hard to know which ones will be legit and which ones won't, so when I find sites that do pay,I will stay with them, as I feel that by being paid, I have found a good thing. Now, I haven't been paid all that much from them, but it all adds up in the end. They certainly do take a lot of patience and the pay rate is low, but that is okay as I am not in any hurry to get paid anyway. I am just thankful for what little bit I have made. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.