Anyone here know about buxbunny?

@aerous (13474)
November 16, 2010 1:07pm CST
Before I am going to the climax of this discussion. I would like to emphasize that buxbunny is a paid to click site or popularly known as ptc. I am a member of this ptc site. I reach payout and request but not yet received payment. What come to my curiosity is that admin actions. Instead paying first it show what many countries being banned that will not received payment. Before I don't see Philippines, as a banned countries but I receive email notification about banned countries where most of this countries located in ASIA-PACIFIC region. Which include the Philippines. I don't understand why they banned group of Asian and Pacific countries? It's not fair to banned all people where a few people does something wrong? Anyone here know much about buxbunny?
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