Why life is always so tough

November 16, 2010 7:59pm CST
Hi everyone Is there anyone here who dont need to make choices everyday? hands up please, and I will envy you!! Because I think I have to make choices for everything every day. What should I eat for lunch/dinner? Should I get coffee or tea? Should I talk to the boss right now or later? Should I leave or stay? ... I'm so tired of making choices, but I know I still have to, because we are living in this world, and that's the way that how the life goes,right??
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• Philippines
17 Nov 10
I think everyone have to do it unless you are super rich that you do not lift even a finger and with just command all the helpers or maid would come running just to serve your demands which is quite impossible to happen to people who only have meager or low income since they could not afford such luxury. Choices are part of life even I have to chose some would pick on me while some just left me or they would not choose me and prefer another person which could be hurting because some are plainly stupid not to see the other person goodness and prefer to associate with the wrong person or thing. Whether you hate or you like it some people just have to select and deselect which they do to me and in return I do to them too since that is why their is a choice only those who makes you happy but life so unfair you have to choice whether it makes you happy or do it for other so they feel happy or out of obligation..
• China
17 Nov 10
Yes, I totally agree with you that life is so unfair and you always have to choose giving up something that you deeply love, just to make others happy. Then what about me? what about ourselves?? Someone might say its selfish that just think about yourself,but dude, we only live once, right? There is something in our life that we actually dont want to give it up, right?
@dufff7 (10)
17 Nov 10
Without choices what would be the point of living? It would be like an internment camp. Told what to eat, told what to do. Trust me, you would want choices back in your life instantly.
• China
17 Nov 10
Yes, I agree that making choices is the beauty of life. But sometimes making choices is such painful. Because it means you'll have to lose something to get another. Its too hard to do it.
@sanijas83 (271)
• Latvia
6 Jun 11
To make a choice might be the hardest thing in one's life. Sometimes if I spend too much time thinking, if I have doubts, I might lose some opportunity for the future. Sometimes it is not easy to decide which road to take, seemingly unimportant issues like which clothes to wear or to make essential decisions like to stay in my country or leave for another.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
17 Nov 10
Life is never meant to be easy. There are all kinds of decisions in life. Some of them are minor, really there is nothing important at all. Then there are life altering decisions with a lot of consequences. Then there are a lot of steps in between. In the end, it is just going to be a part of life for us to make all of these life altering decisions to say the very least. One of my teacher's said it the best. "If life was easy, then it would be boring." There are all sorts of things that we keep it on our toes all things considered. I would not change anything at life. I might curse and I might pull my hair at the tougher decisions however. Still there are a lot of things about life that are not going to be easy. And no matter what decision is made, there are going to be severe ramifications.