@gengeni (3308)
November 16, 2010 8:49pm CST
I once heard Axl want to enter the rhythm of techno in the GNR .. frankly they got bored because Axl is on now in Use Your piano element Illussion .. Matt Sorum said, "I Did not sign up for this" .. They think going to repeat the AFD .. It was the Axl himself said that "I hate Appatite .., I wanna Buried Appatite .." But regardless of any .. Guitarist can change, can all be changed unless .. Axl Rose .. I think he Frontman best in the world .. Chemistry can build the same audience, etc. .. He's the idea behind the GNR concert .. , Luxury and some say, if coming into GNR concerts, lo all can experience the best in live concert at least elo .. Now I give the question: Axl = Guns n Roses or Slash = Guns n Roses or some sources say Izzy = Guns n Roses ?
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