moving in with new partner

November 17, 2010 4:16am CST
Hey! Im just after some advice. I separated from my huisband in january and have been seeing an amazing man since april but i have known him for 8 years. My 3 kids love him. He has 2 kids from his marriage which ended around the same time as mine. We have decided to take the step of moving in together early next year, What i want to know is how do we deal with the kids? - they all like each other, his 2 will be with us one night every weekend and one full wknd a month, i dont want to show preferences or anything or want any of them to feel left out - if anyone has any advice it would be greatly received
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@lynnymac (105)
• United States
17 Nov 10
wow...this sounds so familier. i left my first husband in january of 1980 and met james in april. someone in my family stole all my money that summer and i was looking at being homeless with 2 little girls. i had to move in with james. this saturday we are celebrating our 28th anniversary. it sounds to me like you are already concerned about his children and that tells me you will be a wonderful friend to them. you won't take the place of their mother, but they will come to love you as part of their life. children have enough love in them for everyone. that's the only secret...LOVE. lots of attention to all of them, hugs, and patience. and when you are my age you will be planning a HUGE thanksgiving with lots of children and grandchildren. you've been through a rough time, but it will just get better and better from here on out.
18 Nov 10
Aw! Congratulations on your Anniversary!! Its so great to hear some positive feedback, so many people keep telling me its a rebound thing - but i know in my heart that its not. I know its gonna have some tought imes but it will all be worth it in the end. Thanks again for your comment. :)