Do You Really Earn Money By Joining Free Online Opportunities?

November 17, 2010 6:28am CST
With economic crisis increases each and every day, most people turn to Internet and start looking for ways that can really earn them real money. But the question comes to my mind, Is there really a Free Online Opportunities that can really generate income for me? I came across to one of the websites that offer a free membership by joining their site as a website tester. But I was frustrated with the outcome. Yes, it really generate an earning, but in order to reach a $1.00 you have to wait for a job offer that comes once in a blue moon. And now they're offering an advantage when you pay a sum of money and promise a better earnings then the free members. I've been there before their site was launched and they were not really true to their promises. I don't really know now if there is really a genuine site that can help you generate an income without an out-of-a-pocket expense. What do you think?
2 responses
• India
20 Nov 10
ya u can but the low remain the same the more u invest the more u get online free oppertunities pay little but its true that they pay
• India
17 Nov 10
i agree with you friend so many opportunities are there but also it will diffend on your talent. you must learn how to make money online. don't any site 1st goto Wikipedia and learn and after earn i believe Wikipedia that writers really want to help some one