How often do you help others without expecting anything in return?

November 17, 2010 8:28am CST
Have you ever helped others without expecting anything in return? We tend to believe that if we help others we will be automatically rewarded. Life is not as smooth. I am convinced that bargaining is not for weak people. Beggars cannot be choosers. If you bargain from a position of strength you tend to get what you want. If the person with whom you are bargaining knows that you are an asset he will reward you handsomely. The trick is in convincing him that he will gain by associating with you as a co-worker or partner or just as an employee.
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19 Nov 10
Hi hardilaziz. Me, well all of the time. For me it's not about positions of strength. It is however about belief systems, ie your values and your subconscious. You are what you believe. However, until everyone shifts to a point of helping others, I guess you are right in what you say (your "trick"). Your question brings to mind an ancient wisdom tale which goes some thing like this: "a warrior on passing from this world found himself travelling between heaven and hell. To his surprise when he got a glimpse of hell he found a grand room with a large table laden with a feast. Many sat around the table, howling with frustration; you see the only way to eat any food was with a large fork which was so long that no-one could feed themselves, so they all went hungry.He was even more surprised when he glimpsed heaven to find a room and table as big as before laden with food and the same long forks. But here there was no wailing. Why? Because people were using their forks to feed each other". Give freely and you will reap far more in return.
@gambama (90)
17 Nov 10
If I am helping for the sake of helping, I don't expect anything in return from that person. I know that when my turn comes, he will appear for me. I don't confuse bargaining and helping. They are totally different relationships. When I am bargaining or negotiating, I present the strongest case and persona I can. It comes down to values. If your values system includes helping others, then you do it because it is right. If you feel life is only transactions, then you worry about rewards and strength.
@luvandpower (2049)
• United States
17 Nov 10
I find helping people to be a relaxer towards my own personal life. I don't expect rewards in return but if they are given I do believe they should be accepted within retrospect. I do not claim to be a full out " yes person" who pleases anyone who has a problem, but if I can tell something is needed then I don't mind helping out.