Have you seen Law and Order: UK?

@burrito88 (2779)
United States
November 17, 2010 9:59pm CST
I was a fan of Law and Order when it first came on and watched it for most of the time it was on. I also watched Law and Order SVU when it ame on and continue to do so. I watch L and O: Criminal Intent when it came on but stopped when they dropped Vincent D'Onofrio. Thus far I have not even tried to watch L and O; Los Angeles, but I did start trying to watch L and O: UK on BBC America. I ind the show a little interesting but also very disappointing. A lot of the shows that I saw were essentially re-writes of episodes that ran on the original Law and Order. To me this seems like they are milking the franchise and it's disappointing. I'm am wondering, did the original L and O ever run in the UK and has anyone else noticed the same thing.
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• Estonia
20 Nov 10
I did see half of first season. Then i got bored. Writing isn't nearly as good as US shows.
@Fishmomma (11421)
• United States
18 Nov 10
I haven't seen the Law and Order: UK; however, have seen Los Angeles. I'm really missing the original and didn't like the episode of Los Angeles. They should have kept the original. Vincent was the reason I watched Law and Order:CI and when he left it was time for me to change the channel.
• United States
18 Nov 10
No, that is really interesting. Never knew such a TV show existed. I bet there is so much going in the way of Law and Order, and believe it will be a show that never fades with time. The British Broadcasting Group also called BBC, is a must see for me, even though I live in United States. I find the accents really attractive and stern sounding, and better yet the script writing seems to be more creative and descriptive compared to CNN. You have reminded me to stay tuned to the Law and Order UK version, and I'm going to my TV to get the schedule of listings. Thanks so much, my friend.