Facebook caution : You might be a victim!

November 19, 2010 3:28am CST
Don't you think that Facebook is all about developing self pride? I mean it's all about presenting yourself to others with some information and some photos. People take a lot of trouble in trying to make themselves look good in front of others. Yes it's a normal habit of humans, but Facebook has made this something done in weird fashion. Almost all the people upload photos in which they look nice, post status which make them special, comment on others stuff, all of them just to make a different person of yourself on a website. Because all the things on your profile depicts what you are. I think all of these have made people to forget others around them and just worry about making yourself important!!!
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
20 Nov 10
It all depends. There is a lot of the users are like what you mention. Posting some silly thing which they think make them look good to others and try to post something different to stands out among others. But also a person like me. I use it just to find my old friends which I haven't met in a long time. I also didn't care to post a lot of silly picture and post everything I do at my status. Like I say, it all depends to personality.
@CRIVAS (1819)
• Canada
19 Nov 10
I'm sorry but I can't say that I agree with you on this one. In fact, I don't. I personally post every picture that I take, even if I don't look all that great in them. In fact most of the people that I know, post anything as well. I don't think that Facebook is a way to try to make yourself look different on the internet. It's about sharing what's new in your life with the people that we might not always get to see or talk to on a daily basis. I know that Facebook has brought me closer to a lot of people and I think that this is a good thing. If you know people who are posting things just to make themselves look good, then that's their choice, and it doesn't mean that everyone does the same thing. I personally think that facebook is a great way for people to see the real you, I know that I have been tagged in a few pictures that made me look less than perfect and I have done the same.
• China
19 Nov 10
You know ,for me the point is that in china we can't open the website!It's so terrible!You just need to get used to it,if you really don't like it ,just get rid of it
@Azaerus (821)
• Philippines
19 Nov 10
What you have mentioned is true for most facebook users. People try to look good with their profile, photos and status updates. I think the reason for this is that people don't want to be left out. And also one reason is that people of today sees everything as a competition. I mean, we all want to look good even in photos just so others would think that we have a better life. People always love attention, there are some who are contented of having just themselves but most people would love to be the apple of the eye. Having a great profile in facebook helps people get that attention. I'm just hoping for aome people to be decent in posting some of their photos and comments.