I have read this on Yahoo - Soon a pill is going to extend our life

Chennai, India
November 19, 2010 3:57am CST
I have read an article on Yahoo here: http://in.news.yahoo.com/139/20101118/981/tsc-soon-a-pill-to-extend-your-life-by-1_1.html Some of the points were quite interesting. Just wanted to share with Mylot members, so that you too enjoy it.
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@yanyanyow (329)
• Philippines
19 Nov 10
very interesting article. it states there that it will help you increase memory and endurance which is very helpful which is really a good thing if you want to slower you ageing. but i dont think this will have no side effects because sooner or later it will eventually have effects which are not good for the body.
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• Chennai, India
19 Nov 10
Yeah..I too had that kind of thinking. Who knows, may be years later (after having a huge wrap in the market), they may tell "these pills are dangerous"
@thesids (22358)
• Bhubaneswar, India
19 Nov 10
@yanyanyow, Yes, they might have side effects initially but then we would have other medicines to negate those side effects At end what would happen is that we would be told to have just a few pills and some more to negate the side effects... nothing else on our diet. This would solve the Hunger Problem that affects millions in the present world. Cheers, theSids.
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@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
19 Nov 10
There are already lots of products on the market that improve the way our bodies operate, and extend our lives. This is just another to hit the shelves. Sincerely and With Appreciation.
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@jpace123 (95)
• United States
22 Nov 10
Thanks for sharing this article. I find it very interesting. The first thing that popped into my head when thinking about it was how this would affect everyone's retirement savings. As the world population's average age increases, I think they would need to raise the retirement age to compensate. I don't think my retirement balance would last an extra 5 to 10 years!