Band of Brothers vs The Pacific

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@junil_jk (498)
November 20, 2010 12:52am CST
Band of Brothers' the best as well as the most expensive tv series ever made. as we know the production team include hollywood heavyweights Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. it premiered in 2001 and received various awards and praises. it definitely is my favorite tv series. almost a decade later the same team brought out another 10-episode war tv series called 'The Pacific' which premiered around the world this year. unfortunatly i haven't watched it yet and i'm sure it's another epic. it too has received several awards and accolades. now my question to those who've watched both is - which do u like better and why? Band of Brothers occurred in the European theater of World War 2 against the Germans while The Pacific occurred in the Pacific theater as the name implies against Imperial Japan. i think i'd like Band of Brothers better not because i watched it first, but the story line about following an entire company interests me more than following a few individuals in The Pacific. and the characters seem to be more interesting in the first. how about u? mind giving some opinion?
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@cedythra (196)
• Finland
20 Nov 10
I have watched both and I like BoB better. The Pacific ain't bad either but I think you get more out of BoB. Characters, action etc..
@junil_jk (498)
• India
20 Nov 10
yeah, that's what i expected too. i've watched BoB many times and i even have a copy of the whole series but i just use to feel like watching it time and again. it's just too good. thanks for ur opinion!